As the son of an immigrant and a dedicated East Hampton schoolteacher, I learned to work hard and savor the beauty and diversity of our community. I attended John Marshall, the Middle School and East Hampton High School, graduating Class of 1994. Throughout my 42 years, I have been molded by the traditions and values that my family, neighbors, teachers, and friends, bestowed upon me.

Rachel and I have made our home in Springs with our four young daughters aged eleven to 15 months. Together we own and operate two local businesses, East Hampton Physical Therapy in downtown Montauk and East Hampton Kayak & Fitness. So I know firsthand the every day struggles working families face.

I have served my community as chairman of the Amagansett Life-Saving and Coast Guard Station Society, leading the restoration of the historic lifesaving station. And as a member of the East Hampton Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals for the past five years, I reviewed thousands of applications demonstrating to many that I am thoughtful, consistent, and firm when it comes to protecting ournatural resources.

Now it is a great honor to serve my community on the Town Board. With your support in the Democratic Primary on Thursday, September 13, I will continue to work tirelessly to protect pure drinking water, preserve historic buildings, address coastal resiliency, create affordable housing, provide recreation opportunities, save beach access, and maintain our quality of life so that you, your children and grandchildren as well as my four young daughters will be proud to call East Hampton home.


East Hampton Town Councilman since January 2018
Town Board liaison to Aquaculture to:
Land Acquisition & Management,
Town Clerk’s Office,
Amagansett CAC,
CPF Advisory Board,
Harbors & Docks Committee,
Wildlife Management Committee,
Nature Preserve Committee,
Fisheries Advisory Committee,
Served for five years on the Zoning Board of Appeals


Protecting pure drinking water
Preserving historic buildings
Saving our beaches and protecting access
Securing local control of the Airport
Promoting clean, renewable energy
Creating new affordable housing
Providing recreation opportunities
Building a new senior center


Co-owner of East Hampton Physical Therapy and
Weekend Warriors Tours & Outfitters


Chair of the Amagansett Life-Saving
& Coast Guard Station Society
Founding member of Citizens for Access Rights
Founding member of Paddlers for Humanity


Life long resident of East Hampton
Graduate of East Hampton High School
20 year Cancer Survivor
Member of East Hampton Presbyterian Church
Graduate of The Pennsylvania State University